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my favorite image in the universe

today (technically yesterday but oh well) marks the third year since my dad passed away. 

unlike past years, I actually feel at peace now. I don’t really regret anything about my relationship with my dad, so I never really felt extremely upset about it anyway besides him being my best friend. 

anyway, I’m probably getting a tattoo very soon in memory of him. I’m getting a bike (probably something like this) because he was very much into biking, and he did it every single day. I’m also thinking about getting a quote from the song Time by The Alan Parsons Project, because that was the song he specifically wanted played at his funeral (and it was played), so it has a lot of significance to me. I’m thinking either the line ‘who knows when we shall meet again’ or ‘the stars wait for me’. idk though.

anyway. yeah. I need to start looking at tattoo shops around the area, because I want this tattoo to be perfect.