I bought plane tickets to go back home for Christmas and I’m really really excited.


Landing/Grounding, 2011, Sarah Awad


By : Anton Gorlin

so my sister is probably moving back home in late october, which is really sucky but also kind of a good thing.

i love having her here because I don’t feel as alone, but at the same time I compare myself to her so much that it’s actually a little destructive for me personally. 

I really don’t want to have to get a new roommate though. :C


Your moment of Zen

there is a constant unspoken battle in this apartment between my sister and me and our roommates. 

they prefer the temperature in the apartment to be 80 (??????why???) we prefer around 70 (me personally around 60)

we talked about it with them so we could come to some agreement but they just keep complaining about being cold (they walk around in their underwear so I wonder why) and it’s REALLY ANNOYING

so we constantly turn the air down and they turn it back up. it’s a neverending battle.